"What is this place?!"-Description of ???

Basic Info:

This location is only available to players who complete Vulpin Adventure on the website Flash Game Nexus , where it is hosted. The only enemies you can find in this area are Ducky and Monsieur Ducky.

Look Closer at Habitat:

In the first area, the background has hills that are decorated with flowers, lollipops, and what look to be statues of ducks. In the foreground, the grass is a pale green, with paving stones laid on top for the Vulpin to walk on. The sky in this area is coloured to resemble an early sunrise, with cream-coloured clouds scattered across it.

In the second area, there are flower petals drifting down from the sky that resemble cherry blossom petals.

In the final area, the player can find a Golden Ducky Spoon next to the sign that leads to the final bossfight. This is particularly useful, considering that the boss in question is startlingly difficult when compared to previous bossfights.