Banapple: "A confusing fruit which restores a whopping 15 HP."

Green Banapple: "A more potent banapple which restore 45 HP."

Banapurple: "This banapple has a lovely, 90 HP restoring purple colour."

Golden Banapple: "It's too beautiful NOT to be fully heal by!"

Basic Info:

The Banapple is one of two types of restorative items that the player can use on their Vulpin in the game Vulpin Adventure. The other type of restorative item is the Starberry.


Banapples are shaped somewhat like apples, but with a tapered bottom. They are coloured yellow with top halves coloured in a manner that reflects their level of healing ability. The Golden Banapple is the only exception to this rule, as it is coloured all gold and glows with a golden light. They have a little bit of stem left attached to their tops, which is coloured grey-brown and is rather spiky.


Banapples work as a restorative for a Vulpin's Health Points. However, the different types of Banapple restore different amounts of health. The plain Banapple, coloured red-and-yellow, restores 15 health points; the Green Banapple, coloured green-and-yellow (as its name suggests), restores 45 health points; the Banapurple, coloured purple-and-yellow (as also suggested by its name), restores 90 health points; lastly, the Golden Banapple (the pattern continues) restores all of a Vulpin's missing health points. Banapples also work towards restoring a Vulpin's Happiness.

Even though the Golden Banapple restores a Vulpin's health to full, it only raises their happiness by one stage.