Basic Info:

The Brushbeast is a Normal type monster that appears in every location except Darklight Castle and ???. Upon defeat it will drop a map to a mysterious location where you can get paints to customize your Vulpin.


Brushbeast have a small hooked white head with small white oval eyes. The body is mostly covered in light brown fur which is flecked with different color paint depending on the location where it appeared (black, pink, azure or white). Brushbeasts has no other limb other than its large wings. The top part of its wing is slightly covered with brown fur. The tail is tipped with a paintbrush-like tuft of feather and is mostly used to attack enemies and to mark their territories in certain areas.


The Brushbeast is only able to use the Attack move.


Brushbeasts are found all across the world, but only in four locations. There is one Brushbeast in the Woods, splattered in black paint; there is one Brushbeast in the Desert Ruins, splattered with pink paint; there is one Brushbeast in the Sea Cave, splattered with azure paint; and there is one Brushbeast in the Cloudy Peaks, splattered with white paint. The only three Locations not home to a Brushbeast are Home, Darklight Castle, and ???.

Brushbeasts seem to appear randomly in their home location. Due to this randomization, the player may find a Brushbeast on their first time through its corresponding area, but it may also take players who have already beaten the game a long time to find that same Brushbeast - It seems to be up to luck. 

When defeated, a Brushbeast will drop a map to a secret, mysterious area, where the environment is splattered with paint and a Paintbrush is lying abandoned on the ground, soaked in its respective colour. Using this Paintbrush on the Vulpin will unlock a new colour for the player to customize their Vulpin with.

Brushbeasts come in different colors:


  • You can encounter all types of Brushbeast in Bright Cloud.
  • It's attack action is splatting paint on your Vulpin.
  • Other than the bosses, It is the only non-boss monster that give you a map when beaten.


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