Basic Info:

The Calyx is an Earth Element Boss Monster with 50/50 HP (First battle) and 400/400 HP (The second battle)

Calyx is the Earthen Guardian and the Boss Monster of the Woods, It was also the first boss you encounter in this game. Upon defeat it drop a tome called Swarm Tome which will teach your Vulpin a new move and the path to the Desert Ruins is revealed.

The Calyx can be encountered again at the Darklight Castle. It is the first of 5 bosses. Upon defeat it will drop the Boulder Breath Tome and the player will be free to continue their journey.


Calyx is a serpentine creature with a body composed of a turquoise substance that seems to be ethereal in nature. It has two winglike limbs, each composed of two leaves with curled stems. its tail, held in front of it, seems to be wrapped in an olive-green plant matter, with a tuft of slightly-ragged leaves decorating the end. Calyx's true face is obscured by a mask that seems to be made of wood, and a large pouf of feathers extends from the back of this mask to rest on the nape of the creature's neck. Four leaves in particular stick up from this mask along Calyx's spine. The mask itself is spiny and almost draconic nature, with two spines extending from the cheeks on each side and a spine in the center, as well as a long horn extending from the nose. In place of eyes, two swirls of yellow paint with three dots next to them are painted onto this mask. A necklace that seems to be made of a vine and several colorful feathers or leaves rests around its neck.

In Calyx's second form, the plant materials adorning this creature go from a regular green to a dark pale purple, and its blue-green body changes to a dull brown-tan. Its mask goes from wooden-brown to a desaturated purple, and its yellow eye markings turn into a vivid fuchsia color.


Calyx normally use the Leaf Strike and Swarm abilities. It's second form has a new move call Boulder Breath. When it attacks, it will either lift its tail and swing it downward to strike at the defending Vulpin, or it will raise its face to the sky and spread its limbs to magic.


  • The name Calyx comes from the Latin calyx which itself comes from the Ancient Greek κάλυξ (kálux) meaning "husk" or "pod" Thus referring to the plant-like appearance of this creature .
  • The appearance itself maybe based of moss-covered stones or plant spirits.
  • It is the weakest boss in Vulpin Adventure.