Monsters are the various enemies that the player and their Vulpin will have to defeat as they attempt to find and repair the pieces of the Starstone. They have different Types, which determine what types of Abilities they are and aren't sensitive too; however, there are also monsters that lack a type entirely (including the Vulpin itself).

Each Monster has a set amount of Health Points, which are lowered when a Vulpin uses a damage-dealing ability on it. When a monster's HP reaches zero, it disappears into a puff of black smoke, signaling its defeat. The basic enemy types often reward the player with small amounts of Money, a Banapple, or the occasional piece of Item, but there is only one reward per monster. Boss Monsters are unique in that the majority of them reward the player with tomes that unlock new Abilities for the Vulpin that defeated it. Defeating a monster will also reward the player's Vulpin with Ability Points, which the player can then use to increase the Vulpin's Stats.

Common Monsters:

Common Monsters are monsters that frequently appear to attack your Vulpin. As you and your vulpin progress thought the game these common monsters will get stronger and will reward you with a bigger amount of AP points.

Boss Monsters

Boss monster are significantly stronger monsters, that are guardians of a specific area.These monsters must be defeated in order to continue your journey.Upon defeat they will usually drop a tome corresponding of their element.(The Calyx drops the earth element tome Swarm)These monster will not reapear in this area ever again after defeat, they will only be able to be battled again at the LightDark Castle.

Rare monsters:

The game Vulpin Adventure has three hidden monsters,all of these are of the normal element.

The brushbeast: is a normal element monster that apears randomly in any area.With altered apearance and stats.Upon defeat this monster will never reapear in that area and it will drop a map to a secret hidden location.

Ducky: This monster only appears after buying the map to ??? (Which can only be obtained by playing the game on Flash Nexus)

Monsieur Ducky:This monster is the boss of the area known as ???

List of Monsters:

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