Basic Info:

The Chigrumpen is a Air Element Monster that you encounter in Cloudy Peaks. It sometime drops a Banapples. Its known moves are AttackVortex Strike, and Bolt.


The Chigrumpen is a fat turkey/chicken-like creature.

It has a large, pale yellow crooked sharp beak. There is a bright red crest covers its face and there is a tiny white spot on the lower right-side of the crest. The eyes are small and beady. The body is round and colored a dull brown. The legs are short and colored just like the beak. The feet have 4 claws. 3 in the front and one in the back.


The Chigrumpen, despite it somewhat normal appearance, is capable of using both the Attack, Vortex Strike, and Bolt abilities. The latter of these two is somewhat surprising, as Bolt ability is a step above the Vortex Strike ability, which is what an Air-type basic enemy might be expected to have. When it attacks, it jabs the opponent with its beak. When it casts Bolt or Vortex Strike, it lifts its beak to the sky to summon the required bolt of lightning.


  • The name Chigrumpen is a. combination of Chicken, Grumpy and hen.
  • The appearance is a combination of a Chicken and a Turkey's body.