Darkdragon is a dark element monster that can be encountered in the dark area of the Darklight Castle .Upon defeat it will occasionally drop the Lunar Rain Tome.


The Darkdragon, true to its name, is a dragon-esque creature. It is coloured black and lets off a slight bioluminescent "glow", except that instead of emitting light, it seems to suck the light out of the area immediately next to its skin. It is bipedal and lacks front legs, but it does have wings, which it keeps folded by its sides. It has two pairs of eyes, coloured a vivid red, and a pair of long horns that extend from its head. It has a small ridge of spikes on its forehead and spikes decorating its cheeks


The Darkdragon is capable of using some of the strongest moves in the game. It can use the abilities AttackLunar RainAqua Breath, and Boulder Breath. It lunges forward and bites down when it deals damage directly. While casting Lunar Rain, it raises its snout to the sky, and while using either of its two Breath moves, it steps forward with one leg and opens it mouth to spit its preferred projectile.


  • The name Darkdragon obviously comes form the words Dark and Dragon.
  • Like the whole area of Darklight Castle and it's daytime and nighttime theme, the Darkdragon represents the dark side.
  • The Darkdragon isn't really a dragon it is actually a Wyvern (Aka. a two-legged dragon.)
  • It is the only non-boss dark monster.