"The castle wasn't here before the monster problem and it seems to have difficulty deciding on what time of day it is."

Basic Info

Darklight Castle is one of the various Locations that the player and their Vulpin can explore all throughout the world of Vulpin Adventure. It is the final storyline-relevant area of the game, but there is one location that the player can explore after it if they are playing the game on the host site, Flash Game Nexus.


Darklight Castle's environment appears to fluctuate throughout the different times of day as the player progresses through it (dusk, dawn, noon, and midnight, not in that order). The floor is made out of cobblestone, and there are statues of a two-headed, dragon-like entity spreading its wings placed periodically throughout the background. There are floating lanterns for the player to investigate that may give them items. There are stars raining from the sky in various colours, mostly pink, blue, and yellow.