"The ruins of a land once ruled Pharaoh Drakhbet, its oasis provide town with water, but the monster make it a dangerous place indeed."

Basic Info

The Desert Ruins area is one of the various locations that the player and their Vulpin can explore all across the world of Vulpin Adventure. It is the second area that the player has access to in the storyline.


The Desert Ruins are, as suggested by their name, located in the desert. There are torches stuck into the sand on the ground (which can be investigated for items), and the background slowly gets darker and closer to nighttime as the player progresses. There is an oasis surrounded by palm trees on the first screen, and there are occasionally skeletons half-buried in the sand. These skeletons appear to have once belonged to massive, dragon-like entities. There are also walls, half-collapsed, made out of grey stone that appear in the background.