Basic Info:

The Dragon is a Air Element Monster that you encounter in Cloudy Peaks. It sometime drops a Banapples. Its known moves are Boulder Breath, Fire Breath, Hurricane BreathAqua Breath, and Vortex Strike.


The Dragon is, as its name would suggest, a dragon. It has a beaklike snout and three pairs of horns, as well as four limbs and two wings, and a long tail. It is bipedal, standing on its back legs, and its front limbs are shorter and less sturdy. Its scales are a dark, somewhat desaturated brown, and its underbelly and the membranes in its wings are a greyish-yellow off-white. Its eyes lack a visible iris, leaving only the sclera (the white part of the eye) and pupils. The pupils are slitlike and reptilian.


The Dragon is one of the most capable basic enemy types. It can also use the four strongest moves in the game: Aqua BreathBoulder BreathHurricane Breath, and Fire Breath. When it attacks, it steps forward and opens its mouth to breathe its chosen projectile at the opponent.


  • The Dragon's Appearance is based on the European Dragon, a mythical creature in Europe.
  • It can use every single breath move in Vulpin Adventure.