Basic Info:

Drakhbet is a Fire Element Boss Monster with 100/100 HP (First battle) and 450/450 HP (The second battle)

Drakhbet is the Fire Guardian and the Boss Monster of the Desert Ruins, it is also the second boss you encounter in this game. Upon defeat it drop a tome called Blaze Tome which will teach your Vulpin a new move and the path to the Sea Cave is revealed.

Drakhbet can be encountered again at the Darklight Castle. It is the second of 5 returning bosses. Upon defeat it will drop the Fire Breath Tome and the player will be free to continue their journey.


Drakhbet is a bipedal creature that resembles an anthropomorphized black jackal, perhaps drawing from the appearance of carvings of the Egyptian god Anubis. Its belly is yellow and its eyes are pitch black, done up in black makeup like that common on ancient Egyptian pharaohs. It has a long tail, somewhat reptilian in nature, that is covered in spikes, and similar spikes extend from the sides of its face, tipped in yellow. The insides of its ears are white. Behind its head, several yellow-orange flames hover.

It is wearing items of clothing resembling several of those worn by ancient Egyptian pharaohs, including a golden collar, anklets, and bracelets. Its headdress, striped in navy and pale yellow, is most likely meant to resemble the hairstyles common of ancient Egyptian royalty and a snakelike ornament adorns the front. Its chin, painted in the same navy and pale yellow as its headdress, resembles a goatee. It wears a pair of white shorts and a beige loincloth with symbols scrawled upon it in a darker shade of beige. It holds a staff that it uses to direct its spells and to attack the player's Vulpin.

In its second form, its entire visage takes on a distinctly more reddish hue, but this is more easily seen on its staff and its flames.


Both the normal and corrupted form of Drakhbet are known to use the Flame StrikeBlaze, and Fire Breath move. When attacking, it will either swing its staff downward at the defending Vulpin, hold its free hand out to cast flame, or lean forward to breathe a jet of fire


  • The name Drakhbet comes from scrambling DARK (DRAK) and possibly mispronouncing DEATH (BETH)
  • This makes sense because Anubis is commonly linked with black dogs and he is the Egyptian god of death,  He tends to be shown carrying the Was-Sceptre, and the Ankh.
  • Drakhbet also is inspired by Egyptian pharaohs.