Basic Info:

The Ducky is a Normal Element monster that you encounter in ???. It sometime drops a Shard. Its known moves are Attack, Swarm, Blaze, Bubble Fountain, Bolt, Sunburst, and Lunar Rain


The Ducky, true to its name, is a duck. It is coloured yellow, with an orange beak and legs. Its body and head are very round, almost spherical, and it constantly hops up and down, flapping its wings all the while.


The Ducky, despite its innocuous appearance, has a wide range of abilities that it can use (besides the basic Attack ability). It is capable of using SwarmBlazeBubble FountainBoltSunburst, and Lunar Rain. The Ducky is also the strongest basic enemy type, sporting a comparatively giant 300 health, and its attack is most likely astronomical, as it is capable of dealing hefty damage to even Vulpins with high Defense Stats.


  • Ducky is the most strongest basic enemy monster.
  • It is also the only basic monster to appear in ???.