Basic Info

Final Boss is a double light and dark element Boss Monster with 1500 HP.

The Final Boss, true to its name, is the last Boss Monster of the main story that the player and their Vulpin have to overcome in order to retrieve the fifth and final piece of the Starstone. It is responsible for the Starstone being broken in the first place.


The Final Boss takes on the appearance of a massive dragon with two heads, each of which is wearing a silver collar around its neck. Each half of its body is coloured differently, with the right half (However, this is the boss's left.) coloured white and the left (the boss's right) coloured black. The corresponding head on each half of the body also follows this colour scheme. Each of the Final Boss's two heads has a slightly different appearance. The left head, the one coloured black, has a wide and somewhat underslung jaw, and curling horns like that of a ram's. The right head, the one coloured white, has a narrow, beak-like snout, and has multiple pointed horns adorning its head, forehead, and cheeks. The Final Boss also has large claws on each of its front feet. Because the player can only see the front half of the Final Boss, it is unknown what the back half of it looks like.


The Final Boss is capable of using the majority of all Abilities. This includes the capability to Heal itself, which considerably lengthens the time the player likely needs to take in order to defeat it. The abilities that it does not demonstrate are the Meditate ability and the Defend ability.


  • This is possibly the only monster that has a double typing
  • Final Boss is the only boss monster that has no second form nor second battle.
  • It drops a ??? Map only when you play in Flash Game Nexus.