Basic Info

Firequill is the creator of Vulpin Adventure. She is right now, working as a digital artist. She has multiple social medias like Twitter , DeviantArt , and Tumblr . That is the best way to contact her.

Demand for a Second Sequel

The VA fan loved the game and many wanted, or demand a sequel. But unfortunately not now.

"Hey everyone, I keep getting messages to this day asking about a sequel to Vulpin Adventure, and I really appreciate that even after so long, that's still on people's minds! Thank you for playing my game and I'm glad you enjoy it! As much as I'd love to say a sequel is on the way, the reality is that I work a very time-demanding job at a motion capture studio (the average work day is about 9.5 hours) so I just don't have the same kind of time I used to - I worked basically full time hours for five months to make Vulpin Adventure in the first place! I do enjoy coding and making games though, so who knows that will happen in the future, but for now it seems unlikely I'll be starting any big projects in the near future." -Firequill's message from Kongregate. Who knows what year she typed that message.

Her Art

Unlike the simplicity in Vulpin Adventure, her art in DeviantArt are shown the be very detailed. Her art gallery has a combination of real life animals and fantasy ones. You can also see Pokemon fanarts. She mainly focuses on realism, but sometimes she post sketches.



  • She likes playing video games.
  • Her average work day is 9.5 hours.
  • Her persona is a pheonix named Firequill.
  • Her favorite shows are King of the Hill, Corner Gas, and Seinfeld

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Firequill's Website