Basic Info:

The Flaming Fossil is a Fire Element monster that you encounter in Desert Ruins. When defeated, it may drop a Bone.


The Flaming Fossil is a creature that closely resembles a reptilian skull of some kind. The mouth is full of sharp teeth that are spaced at seemingly irregular intervals, and the eyes have an eerie glowing white light within. Two hands, each tipped with three long, hooked claws, float beside the head. The whole monster is on fire, the flames a golden-yellow colour that faces into a deep scarlet as it falls away from the body.

It is unknown how the Flaming Fossil keeps afloat, as it has no body to speak of, much less legs. It can, however, be assumed that the perpetual flames that characterize this creature may be its method of locomotion.


The Flaming Fossil is capable of using the Attack and Flame Strike abilities. When using Attack, it swings one of its claws downward to hit the foe, and it raises its claws to the sky to cast Flame Strike.


  • The Flaming Fossil may be a reference to Dry-Bowser from Mario - the remains of Browser that have come back to life, with the ability to breathe fireballs.
  • The structure of the Fossil resembles the head of Renegade Reptile, thus hinting at some shared ancestry between them.