Fluffpuff is a monster that you encounter at Darklight Castle. It occasionally drops an item called Fluffpuff Antennae. It's known moves are Attack, Blaze, Bolt, Swarm, Bubble Fountain, Sunburst, Lunar Rain


Fluffpuff is a bird-like creature. It has a light-brown belly that fades into white on its back, its tail, and its wings. Its wings have a swirl-shaped decoration at the base, and its tail consists of three wide feathers that extend below and behind it. Its forehead is decorated with a pair of antennae that end in yellow star-shaped sensors, and just below these, a glowing yellow ring circles each antenna.


The Fluffpuff, despite its soft and round appearance, can actually be quite formidable in battle. As well as the basic Attack ability, it is capable of using BlazeBoltSwarmBubble FountainLunar Rain, and Sunburst. It pecks at its target to attack, and raises its head to the sky when it casts any other ability.