Basic Info:

The Hedgewolf is an Earth element Monster that you encounter in Woods. And like every earth element monsters (except Calyx), its only move is Attack.


The Hedgewolf is a grey-brown, bipedal creature with a hunched back. It has short front and back limbs, and it is covered in shaggy fur that lengthens to quills in a mane around its neck and shoulders. Its tail is also covered in quills, but its underside, limbs, and head are clear of them. Its head is shaped like a dog's, with pointy ears and a shaggy face, and it has a pair of reddish-brown eyebrows that lend it a disgruntled look. It has a pair of fangs that protrude from its lower jaw.


The Hedgewolf is only capable of using the most basic damage-dealing Attack. When it goes for its target, it swings one of its paws to strike.


  • The name Hedgewolf is a combination of Hedgehog and Wolf.
  • The Hedgewolf's appearance consists of the traits of these two animals and possibly the addition of the tusks of an actual hog.
  • Statistically, it is the strongest non-boss monster in Woods.
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