"This is where you live and raise your beloved pet, but you know that already, don't you?"

Basic Info:

Home is the name applied to a small, sunny, fenced-in meadow where the player and their Vulpin can spend some time relaxing away from the monsters in the other Locations around the world. It is also where the player can access the Shop, change their Vulpin's Fur Colour, access the rest of the map, view their current Achievements, and Store items that they want to keep but don't have room for in their inventory. There is also a pillar in the middle of the meadow that holds the Starstone (or, if the player hasn't completed the game yet, the place where the Starstone usually stands).


Home is a plain grass field with fences in the two corners possibly guarding the outside world. It has pink, blue and white colored flowers growing in the grass. The sky is pastel yellow with big clouds. Home also hold the pedestal of the Starstone.