Basic Info:

The Inpu is a Fire Element monster that you encounter in Desert Ruins. It drops the Heal Tome and the Tail Bandage, both of which can also be found in the Shop.


The Inpu resembles a small, black dog with long, pointed ears. It has yellow makeup decorating its eyes and it wears a golden collar with an emerald embedded in it, perhaps signifying royalty of some sort. It has bandages wrapped around its narrow tail, and it wears golden bracelets around each of its four legs. Behind its head, a sigil of some sort floats, perhaps granting it its powers. Its snout is narrow and pointed.


The Inpu is only able to use Flame Strike and Heal move. when it attacks, it raises its nose to the sky and holds one of its front paws out, as if summoning some sort of magic.


  • The name Impu comes from the 2 different names given to Anubis, Anpu and Imuit.
  • Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of embalming and the dead, is commonly linked with black dogs. Thus, when taking into account both its name and appearance, the Inpu is very likely to be a reference to him.
  • It is the earliest Monster the player can encounter that is shown to have the ability to Heal itself.