Basic Info:

LobsterMonster is a Water Element Monster that can be encountered in the Sea Cave area.


The LobsterMonster is a bipedal creature, covered in hard, dark-reddish-brown plating. It has a softer, off-white-coloured underbelly. Its head that tapers into a sharp point both in the front and in the back, and it has a pair of yellowish antennae extending from between its eyes, presumably used for sensing its way around, as its eyes appear dark, small, and somewhat underdeveloped. Its tail ends in a crustacean-looking fin (fitting to its name), and its front limbs end in sharp, jagged pincers. Its back legs end in feet that are decorated with three blunt claws each.


The LobsterMonster is capable of using the basic Attack ability, as well as the Frost Strike ability. When it attacks, it swings one of its pincers forward, snapping it shut to deal damage to its opponent.


  • The name LobsterMonster comes from simply combining Lobster and Monster.
  • This creature's appearance obviously takes crustacean influence into account, but its bipedality and almost birdlike structure are where the more "monstrous" elements come into play.