Basic Info:

Monsieur Ducky is a hidden Boss Monster that only appears in the Easter Egg area exclusive to the site that sponsored Vulpin Adventure, Flash Game Nexus. It can be assumed that Monsieur Ducky is male, as "monsieur" is an honorific used for masculine figures in the French language. This makes it the only monster in the game with anything close to a confirmed gender. He lacks a type and drops no items upon death. He has 5000 Health Points, which is astronomically high as compared to any other monsters in the game, including all other Boss monsters. This stat is, in fact, three times as high as the Final Boss's own health points.


Monsieur Ducky is, as suggested by his name, a duck. He is done up in what appears to be traditional mime makeup, primarily white, with thin black stripes, black wings, black feet, and a black beret. His beak appears to be done up in reddish makeup.


Monsieur Ducky appears to be able to use every available Ability, aside from Defend and Meditate.


  • Monsieur Ducky is the only gender confirmed monster in the game.
  • It is the strongest mosnter in the game.