Basic Info:

The Mushmuncher is an Earth element Monster that you encounter in Woods. And like every Earth element monsters (except Calyx), its only known move is Attack.


The Mushmuncher is a bipedal creature, shaped somewhat like a bird. It has no front limbs and only has two dark browned legs. The rest of its body is patterned like a toadstool, with a pale off-white underbelly and a red coat, complete with a sprinkling of white spots. It lacks any visible eyes, but its head is sprouts a pair of long, thin antennae tipped with red, which it most likely uses to sense its way around. Its lower jaw sports ridges like those seen on the underside of a mushroom's cap. Its tail has a little frill near the end in its normal colors, and past this frill is the tip of the Mushmuncher's tail, colored in a plain off-white and lacking the red coloration that the rest of its body has.


The Mushmuncher can only use the most basic damage-dealing Attack. When it does, its animation shows it lunging forward to bite its opponent.


  • The name Mushmuncher comes from the 2 combined word Mushroom and Muncher.
  • Its color is probably based from a common poisonous mushroom, Fly Agaric.
  • It bites your Vulpin as a way to Attack.
  • Munch is a word used to describe the act of eating nosily a reference to the sound that the Mushmuncher makes when attacking.
  • Its color scheme is similar to the Item Dropper Mushroom.
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