Basic Info:

Pterophor is an Air Element Boss Monster with 300/300 HP (First battle) and 550/550 HP (The second battle)

Pterophor is the Wind Guardian and the Boss Monster of the Cloudy Peaks, it is also the fourth boss you encounter in this game. Upon defeat it drop a tome called Bolt Tome which will teach your Vulpin a new move and the path to the Darklight Castle is revealed.

Pterophor can be encountered again at the Darklight Castle. It is the final of 4 returning bosses. Upon defeat it will drop the Hurricane Breath Tome and the player will be free to continue their journey.


Pterophor is a quadrupedal entity with no visible eyes or nose. It is vaguely avian in shape, with four limbs resembling birdlike, feathered wings hanging below its body. These are capable of movement, as seen when it attacks, but they aren't used for primary locomotion. This is left to the pair of large, purple, wings resembling those of a butterfly, but they appear to not need to flap in order to carry Pterophor in the air. It has a pair of antennae extending from the top of its head, and two antennae-like extensions upon its tail, which is also feathery. Its back is a light teal-blue, its belly a pale yellow, and the flight feathers on its four lower wings are pure white. Its primary, upper wings resemble that of a butterfly, and they are purple, spotted with the same pale yellow as its underbelly, and the center of these spots are filled in with the same blue as its back.

Around its neck is hung a pale purple cloth resembling a scarf, but this scarf is not tied.

In its second form, its entire body glows with an ominous, dark red light. Its back changes to a pale blue, its belly green, and its flight feathers grey. Its primary wings change to a reddish-pink colour, and its scarf changes to a salmon-pink.


Pterophor, in both its normal and second form, is known only to use the Vortex Strike, Heal and Bolt abilities. Hurricane Breath is only exclusive to its second form.


  • The name Pterophor may stem from the Latin name of the white plume moth (Pterophorus pentadactyla).
  • The appearance may have been inspired by the White Plume Moth
  • It is one of the three bug-based monsters. The others are Mot and Scythe Wasp.