Basic Info:

The Scythe Wasp is a Air Element Monster that you encounter in Cloudy Peaks. It sometime drops a Banapples. Its known moves are Attack, and Vortex Strike.


The Scythe Wasp is an insectoid creature with feather-like antennae and front limbs decorated with scythe-like claws (hence the name), which are coloured yellow-and-black. It doesn't have any other limbs, and its wings are in two parts, protected at the base by a yellow section of its exoskeleton. Its abdomen is long and tapered, striped black and yellow, with the underbelly being all black. There are dots on the inside of each stripe placed close to the underbelly.


The Scythe Wasp is only capable of using the Attack ability. When it attacks, it swings one of its scythes downward to strike its target.


  • The name Scythe Wasp comes from the words Scythe and wasp respectively.
  • The appearance may be inspired the infamous Yellow-jacket Wasp.
  • It is one of the three insect-based monsters, the other being Mot and Pterophor.