"Tourist and hydromaniacs of all sorts visited this place regularly until monsters began emerging from the nearby caves..."

Basic Info

The Sea Cave is one of the various Locations that the player and their Vulpin can explore all throughout the world of Vulpin Adventure. It is the third location that the player gains access to in the storyline.


The Sea Cave has two distinct areas. The first, which only takes up one screen, is a sandy beach, with the sea in the background and other islands visible. Birds are flying in the sky, and there are treasure chests buried in the sand for the player to investigate. The second area, the cave itself, is made out of a bluish stone, with waterfalls and pools of water in the background. There are crystals decorating the floor, from which the player can obtain items. The further along the player progresses, the more frozen the environment becomes, eventually freezing the waterfalls and covering the floor in snow.