Basic Info:

Snoroceros is a Water Element monster that you encounter in Sea Cave. Its known moves are Attack, and Frost Strike. It sometimes drops the Ice Horn.


The Snoroceros is a bulky, quadrupedal creature, covered in shaggy white fur. Its stout legs end in three sharp claws each, and its head is decorated with a set of icy spikes. There is one long horn that extends from the top of its snout, from between the creature's two pairs of eyes. Its belly fur is a slightly paler white than the rest of its body. Its jaw is slightly underslung, sturdy, and decorated with sharp teeth. It has visible nostrils and visible ear holes.


The Snoroceros is only capable of using the Attack ability and the Frost Strike ability. When it attacks its foe, it swings its snout upwards to jab at the opponent with the largest of its ice horns.


  • The name Snoroceros is Snow and Rhinoceros combined.
  • Its appearance probably comes from The Woolly Rhino. An extinct species of Rhino that lived during the ice-age had 2 horns and had thick fur.