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"This delightful berry cuts up your mouth and restores 2 MP." -Regular Starberry

"A sharp, glowing berry that fully restores MP" -Glowing Starberry

Basic Info:

The Starberry is one of two types of restorative items that the player can use on their Vulpin in the game Vulpin Adventure. The other type of restorative item is the Banapple.


The Starberry, as suggested by its name, is a star-shaped fruit. It is coloured a dark blue-cyan with lighter-blue speckles. The more powerful variant, the Glowing Starberry, is named after its bioluminescent nature.


The Starberry is used to restore a Vulpin's Mana Points, or MP. The regular Starberry restores two points of MP, while the Glowing Starberry restores all of a Vulpin's missing MP. It also works to restore a Vulpin's Happiness level.

Although using a Glowing Starberry on a Vulpin restores all of their mana, it only raises their happiness by one stage.