The Starwisp is a Light Element Monster that you encounter in Darklight Castle. It sometime drops a Banapple. Its known moves are AttackSunburst, and Lunar Rain.


The Starwisp is a strange, floating creature, named for its tapered and soft shape. The body is roughly spherical, coloured blue and decorated with a fluff of fur, and the tail tapers off of the back and ends in a puff of yellow fur. The Starwisp has two, lavender-coloured hook-shaped limbs that dangle beneath the body when not in use. The face of the Starwisp is obscured by a triangular mask that is separated into three distinct spikes, with slits for eyes (unless that is the face of the Starwisp).


The Starwisp is capable of using the AttackSunburst, and Lunar Rain abilities. When it attacks the foe, it raises one of its hook-shaped arms and swings it down rapidly to slam down upon the target from above. When it casts Sunburst or Lunar Rain, it raises its arms to the sky.