Basic info:

The Vulpin is a Normal-Type monster that the player is given to raise and train to fight monsters that cause chaos in the land where Vulpin Adventure takes place. It is received from the Mysterious Stranger in the beginning of the game.


Vulpins are rather short, bipedal creatures. They have long ears and short front limbs, as well as stronger back limbs and a long tail ending in a tuft of fur. Their colors can vary wildly from individual to individual and is determined by the preferences of their owners. It is unknown as to whether or not wild Vulpins vary in color as much as domesticated ones do, or whether or not Vulpins even exist in the wild at all. The snout of a Vulpin superficially resembles a beak, having a somewhat pointed tip, and their nostrils reside directly in the snout instead of a nose.

Vulpin Colors

Vulpins carry the potential to sport a wide variety of Fur Colors. These include several colors that the player has at the beginning of the game:

  • Yellow
  • Light Blue
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Grey

As well as four fur colors that the player can only obtain with Paintbrushes:


Vulpins are perhaps the most adaptable creature of all in Vulpin Adventure, as they can utilize every type of Moves, as well as a basic Attack that lacks a type at all. They can also Defend themselves, reducing the damage they take from any attack, as well as having the ability to Meditate, increasing their Happiness in the midst of a battle (thus increasing their fighting ability back to its maximum). Vulpins can also be taught how to restore their own health with the ability Heal.

Vulpins are also capable of changing their Fur Color at will (maybe simply by dyeing their fur with Paint), and they can investigate various Item Droppers in order to dig up supplies and equipment, such as health- and MP-restoring items. Vulpins can also occasionally dig up equipment from Item Droppers, including weapons, armor, and others.

Care and Diet:

Vulpins are (presumably) herbivores, preferring a diet of Banapples and Starberries. However, they well could be omnivores, but there is never a meat-based food option available for the player to feed their Vulpin.

Whenever a Vulpin becomes unhappy due to excessive time in-battle, the player can restore its mood (as well as Health or Mana Points) by feeding it. However, when a Vulpin loses a battle, feeding it these items will not increase its mood but love and comfort will.

A Vulpin's mood affects how well it does in battle. Much like many real-life animals (including humans), even if a Vulpin is in top physical shape, if its mood is poor it will not do well in battle; however, if the player makes sure their Vulpin is happy, they will do their best to excel.

Other Notes:

  • Considering that the player's Vulpin is the only one that can be seen throughout the world of Vulpin Adventure, it can be assumed that they are extremely rare creatures.
  • They are the only monster that the player can own, train, or take care of.
  • If the player leaves their Vulpin idle at Home for too long, their mood will go down; sometimes, if left idle at home for a short time, they will go to sleep and take a short nap.
  • They are the only creature in the game capable of learning every Ability.
  • It is the only creature in Vulpin Adventure known to have battle prowess that depends on its mood.


Color Variations: